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Q. What makes employees choose the Goetzman Group?

A: We offer an exciting career alternative for people looking for the challenge and variety of project work without the uncertainty of independent contract work or the excessive travel and long hours of consulting.

Q. Am I compensated between client assignments?

A: Yes, you are 100% compensated for a 40 hour work week in between clients.

Q. What about job security?

A: The Goetzman Group pioneered the concept of offering long-term employment to finance and accounting professionals who seek the challenge and flexibility of project-based work. Generally this has provided our staff with better job security than they can find anywhere else.

Q. How do we differ from other traditional staffing agencies?

A: We are a better alternative for our employees and our clients. By offering full-time employment which pays our consultants whether they’re on an engagement or not, we’re able to tap the entire market of accounting and financial professionals, not just those who are between jobs.

This allows us to hire better-qualified and much more committed employees – the kind of professionals that demanding companies want for their projects.

Q. How much travel is required?

A: Typically none outside of a normal commute to and from work. We work very hard to keep our consultants close to their homes and we target our client development efforts to the areas where our consultants live. Occasionally, projects are offered that include travel and in such instance, we confer with consultants before accepting the engagement.

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