Finance Manager

Position Information

Engages in financial analysis in such areas as forecasting, budgeting, engaging in cost reduction analysis, and reviewing operational performance.

  • Report to management on variances from the established budget, and the reasons for those variances; Manage the preparation of client’s budget.
  • Assist management in the formulation of its overall strategic direction.
  • Engage in ongoing cost reduction analyses in all areas of the company.
  • Review the performance of competitors and report on key issues to management.
  • Engage in benchmarking studies to establish areas of potential operational improvement.
  • Interpret the company’s financial results to management and recommend improvement activities.
  • Review company bottlenecks and recommend changes to improve the overall level of company throughput.
  • Participate in target costing activities to create products that meeting predetermined price goals.
  • Assist in the determination of product pricing in relation to features offered and competitor pricing.
  • Manage the capital budgeting process, based on constraint analysis and discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Assists in the preparation of financial statements and SEC securities filings for both publicly held and private companies.
  • SAP, BW, Oracle, Excel, Access, SQL, Visual Basic.
  • MBA.